Differentiation by Process is based on how students learn.

Levels of Consideration:

Learning styles help determine how students access content

Prior knowledge can guide decisions regarding the range of starting points: easy to learn . . . challenging to learn

Technology can provide options when creating content:

Using Technology to Differentiate by Process - video from UNC School of Education

TIES Presentation
Kathy Schrock - Bloom's taxonomy and digital tools
  1. Remembering (Novice) - Quizlet
    • Each member of the group - please make a quizlet with key words related to DI
  2. Understanding (Beginner) - Twitter
    • Each member of the group - please have a conversation using the hashtag #TIES14DI to discuss DI in your settings
    • Q1 - What is DI?, Q2 - What advantages does technology offer DI?, Q3 - What challenges or disadvantages exist?
  3. Application (Master/Expert) - Video
    • In groups of 2-3, make a video explaining how you differentiate (or how you would differentiate your classroom)